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ABOUT USTaian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd.

Taian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd is dedicated to providing the safest intelligent grain storage solutions for a wide range of custmers. Our services cover the R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, and after-sales service of intelligent steel silos and supporting equipment.We focus on providing the most reliable turnkey projects for grain storage, grain utilization, and grain logistics for various industries including breweries, feed mills, livestock farming enterprises, grain and oil processing companies, soy product processing plants, vinegar and soy sauce breweries, starch and flour processing plants, grain logistics companies, agricultural cooperatives, and national grain depots.

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Shelley-Committed to creating

China's first brand food storage


Four advantages

Make their products more competitive

1Leading domestic productivity
With the most advanced food storage system

Silos are made from high quality galvanized steel sheet pressed into a corrugated shape by special equipment to produce standard connection hole, connected together with high strength bolts, silo with a square overhaul the doors, the outside ladder, ladder guardrail circle.

Warehouse capacity of 800 tons or less, a diameter of 8.5m or less conical bottom compartment made optional bottom cone. Cone bottom from the column, ring beams, tapered board, stretching and other components.

Warehouse roof with natural ventilation window, manholes, warehouse roof ladders, safety barriers and other facilities.

2ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management SystemAli supplier certification, France BV certificationTaishan Net Enterprises Chamber of Commerce

ISO9001: 2008 standard is based on eight years of practice in the world 170 countries around 1,000,000 ISO9001 certified organizations and enhance and ISO14001: 2004 Compatibility

France BV certification: a global industry leader in quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) and social responsibility services.

Tai'an City Network Association approved the establishment by the Tai'an City Civil Affairs Bureau, with independent corporation qualification, sectoral, local, non-profit social organization.

3Domestic and international high-end enterprise market
Products are exported around the world

With frank Shelley warehousing business philosophy, excellent product quality and good customer service has won praise at home and abroad,

Product sales in the domestic market: the three northeastern provinces, North China, East China, Central China, South China and other

Products are exported to international markets: the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, more than thirty countries

460 minutes fast response
Allowing you to enjoy the five-star quality service

Shelley values: customer first, teamwork, embracing change, integrity, passion, dedication

Rapid response, the first time to solve your problem

Experienced technical team, provide you with free technical guidance

Comprehensive logistics service system, allowing you to enjoy one-Care

Regularly visit customers, solicit customer feedback

The number of suppliers and flexible, can provide a small package service

We do every single scientific rigor

Every project we strictly follow the steps

Company management philosophy responsible for the integrity of scientific rigor

Demand analysis

Analyst will sort out the needs of customers, according to the description


Design a program for customers with the best products and customer consultation to determine the program

Product produced

The product will be produced according to program requirements

Quality Inspection

Each batch of products are strictly in accordance with international standards for quality control


Professional team to explain the product description and features presentations, product acceptance


24 hours online / telephone customer service, technical team for you to solve related problems

17 year warranty
Let us focus more professional

Speak with the facts To reassure customers

Shelley Warehousing Classic Case

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What does it include for discharging system of big capacity silos?
Library steel discharge system consists of gas pipelines, exhaust pipes, library gasification pipe, and a discharge passage of five parts.
What's structure of the large silo?
Large storage body is composed of steel silo library library roof, wall and plate steel library library library library at the end of three parts.
which points of the dedusting system should be noted?
1. The library is responsible for cleaning the cement plant, shipping department, open economy companies electromechanical work area.
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