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2-1000T Hopper Bottom Silo Project for Shanxi Kangyuantai Agricultural Science&T
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The 2 sets 1000T wheat/corn hopper Hopper Bottom Silo is designed in 1 row,the tower is set in the center of the two silos, the elevator will transport grains to the double drums cleaning machine,

2-1000T Hopper Bottom Silo Project for Shanxi Kangyuantai Agricultural Science&Technology
The 2 sets 1000T wheat/corn hopper Hopper Bottom Silo is designed in 1 row,the tower is set in the center of the two silos, the elevator will transport grains to the double drums cleaning machine, the pre-cleaning machine will separate the big and small impurities out, and then the elevator convey grains to the silo top 3 way out electric distributor and transport grains into different silos.Silos are equipped with ventilation and temperature measuring device, It can detect the changes of grain temperature and humidity in the silos in real time to achieve the role of safe grain storage. When the grain out of the silos, the silo bottom drag conveyor will transport grain to the designated position.
 Specifications of 2 sets 1000T Hopper Bottom Silo:
The 1000T silo is mainly used for corn,wheat,paddy rice etc grain and other granular materials storage.It has the advantages of high degree of mechanization and long service life etc.
1000T hopper silo volume:1360m3,diameter:10m,eave height:20.47m,total height:22.97m,silo top angle:25 degree,silo top cover plate is theδ1.0mm thickness high quality domestic hot dip galvanized steel sheets.Silo top is matched with natural ventilation windows, manholes,ladder,and is sealed with aviation cement and waterproof gasket,and safety guardrail is arranged around the silo eaves.

Silo body:silo body is made of the high quality hot dip galvanized steel coils of the large steel mills.Double-sided galvanized zinc quantity of 275g/㎡. The final finished galvanized layer is continuous, smooth, uniform, corrugated plate is using punching form. The silos plate joints are sealed with aviation waterproof cement strips. Column: The main function is to increase the earthquake resistance, resistance to lateral, vertical load capacity, increase the vertical stability of the silos; The column and the silos wall are connected with high-strength specially customized Dello galvanized bolts, without any solder joints, so as to avoid the problem of corrosion on the silos wall due to welding..

The cone bottom of steel silos is made of steel structural parts, the structure is easy to discharge. The project is cost-effective, high added value, and it saves the cost of equipment, and reduces energy consumption in the operation of equipment. It can not only protect the safe storage of grains, but also facilitate the later repair and maintenance.

Shipping and installation service

The whole silos project is designed and finished production in our factory,After production is finished,we arrange installation personnel to Kangyuantai silo site to unload trucks and complete the installation and commissioning of the project.With the cooperation of both parties,we successfully completed the installation of the whole silos project,our company,products and engineers won high praise from the customer.

Application of hopper steel silos

Single set of hopper steel silos can reach 1600T,and can be applied in feed mill,flour mill,poultry farm,wine mill,national grain depot,grain trading company,food processing plant etc.Steel silo has supporting equipment, which can be configured according to the requirements of loading, discharge, ventilation, drying, temperature measurement, full measurement and other equipment, to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage. Because the steel plate bin has the advantages of use small area, high degree of mechanization, convenient installation and delivery, easy to realize automation, so the assembled steel plate silo has been widely used.

About Shelley Factory
Shandong Shelly Grain Steel Silo Co., Ltd. is a leading grain storage solution provider in China, committed to providing global customers with grain storage and supporting solutions one-stop service provider. We are the modern high-tech enterprises,engaged in bolts assembly steel silo and grain conveying equipment in research,design,manufacturer,sales, after-sale installation and maintainance service in the field of intelligent silos,intelligent environment measurement and control equipment, automatic control system, grain and oil processing equipment.

Shelley company was founded in 2007, with complete hardware and software facilities, now has more than 50 invention patents and utility model patents, the existing 10,000 square meters of dust-free workshop, equipped with the most advanced automatic laser cutting machine, CNC lathe, metal bending machine and automatic plate shearing machine, our company has a professional team of more than 30 designers, engineers team. Factory director, workshop director, production scheduling, skilled workers and installation workers are more than 300 people.

Silos we produced is the bolts assembly steel silos.Single set storage capacity is from 50T to 15,000T. The designed service life of silo is more than 25 years. Since the establishment and development of our company, the silos and supporting equipment we produced with excellent quality and good after-sales service, has established extensive cooperation with domestic customers, and exported to Argentina, Australia, the United States, Chile, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Iran, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Serbia, Thailand, Tanzania, Ukraine, Vietnam, Peru, New Zealand, Mexico, the Philippines and Uganda and other 51 countries and regions, and has won wide praise from customers at home and abroad.

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