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2-500T Corn Silos-Inner Mongolia Feed Plant
Come From:Taian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd.Release Time:2023-8-7 11:12:37 Views:
The project is 2 sets 500T corn storage steel silo,process flow as below: grain is loaded by bucket elevator to the silo top drag conveyor,then conveyed into the silos.

2-500T Corn Silos-Inner Mongolia Feed Plant
The project is 2 sets 500T corn storage steel silo,process flow as below: grain is loaded by bucket elevator to the silo top drag conveyor,then conveyed into the silos.Temperature monitoring system and ventilation system is designed,blowers and suction fans can work together effectively to ensure a long time safe storage of corn.

 Specifications of 500T Hopper Type Steel Silo :
The 500T silo is mainly used for corn storage.It has the advantages of high degree of mechanization, easy discharge and long service life etc. volume:768m3,diameter:8.2m,ring beam height: 5.53m,eave height: 17.39m,total height:19.29m,silo top angle:25 degree,silo top cover plate is theδ1.0mm thickness high quality domestic hot dip galvanized steel sheets.Silo top is matched with natural ventilation windows, sealed with aviation cement and waterproof gasket,and safety guardrail is arranged around the silo eaves.

  Silo body:silo body is made of the high quality hot dip galvanized steel coils of the large steel mills.Double-sided galvanized zinc quantity of 275g/㎡.Corrugated plates is used in the form of punching columns: the main role is to increase the capacity of seismic resistance, resistance to lateral and vertical load, increase the vertical stability of the warehouse; The column and the silo wall are connected with high-strength and specially customized Dacros galvanized bolts. Customized ring beam, column foot, tension, paint cone bottom have the advantage of long service life.          
Shipping and installation service
After production is finished,we arrange engineers to silo site to guide installation.With the cooperate of customer,the silos project is installed successfully.Our company,products and engineers won high praise from the customer.
Application of hopper steel silos
Single set of hopper steel silos can reach 1500T,and can be applied in feed mill,flour mill,poultry farm,wine mill,national grain depot,grain trading company,food processing plant etc.Steel silo has supporting equipment, which can be configured according to the requirements of loading, discharge, ventilation, drying, temperature measurement, full measurement and other equipment, to achieve the purpose of safe grain storage. Because the steel plate bin has the advantages of use small area, high degree of mechanization, convenient installation and delivery, easy to realize automation, so the assembled steel plate bin has been widely used.
About Shelley Factory
Taian Shelley Enginnering Co.,Ltd is an intergrated professional modern enterprise,engaged in bolts assembly steel silo and grain conveying equipment in research,design,manufacturer,sales, after-sale installation service etc.The main equipment includes steel bin (commonly known as silo), cleaning equipment, environmental dust removal equipment, conveying equipment, feed processing machinery, environmental protection equipment, automatic control system;Our company's marketing is mainly aimed at high-end customers at home and abroad. The standardized series of steel silo system has been exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. Egypt, Honduras, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador and more than 50 countries and regions. With the honest business philosophy, excellent product quality and good after-sales service, we have won wide praise from customers at home and abroad and established a long-term cooperative relationship.


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