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Which is more dominant of the cement silo and grain steel silo?
Come From:Taian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd.Release Time:2015-10-5 8:49:25 Views:
In the absence of silo era, the most widely used cement silo, which is better now after listing it is compared with the cement silo bin it, here to tell you about Shelley machinery.

In the absence of silo era, the most widely used cement silo, which is better now after listing it is compared with the cement silo bin it, here to tell you about Shelley machinery.
    First, the overall performance is good, long life. Silo in the construction process, entirely by special equipment construction, in rolling process, warehouse bite outer wall made of a material five times the thickness of 30 mm -40 mm wide spiral ridges, greatly enhance the bearing cartridge body ability, and the overall strength of the silo, stability, shock resistance than other positions. In addition, the warehouse material Division against corrosion and grinding according to the stored material strength requirements, select the best sheet ratio, making his normal life of 30-40 years. Far more than the life of other positions.
    Second, airtight performance, wide use. Due to the volume silo warehouse equipment bent seams, in the process to ensure the quality of any part of the body positions, so it is particularly good seal can store cement, fly ash, slag superfine powder and powder material, very wide application in the building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding plants.
    Third, short construction period, low cost. Spiral seams silo site construction, warehouse roof floor mounting. Philips construction equipment molding, bending line speeds up to 5 m / min, no scaffolding and other ancillary facilities, and thus a very short duration. Spiral seams silo full use of thin steel plate, the weight is only equivalent to the warehouse with the capacity of steel reinforced concrete weight, greatly reducing the cost. In addition, since it can use double-folding method different materials both inside and outside the barrel bending, forming, can greatly reduce used in chemical, environmental protection and other industries storage project cost corrosive materials.
    Fourth, small footprint, easy to manage. Spiral steel silo with other silo different seams, height, diameter can be freely selected within a wide range. The minimum distance between the two positions to 500 mm, can make full use of space, reduced footprint. Spiral seams silo high degree of automation, together with temperature, level and other equipment, user management is very convenient.
    Fifth, high strength: continuous spiral steel silo undercut five times the thickness of the base material, has greatly strengthened the anti-load capacity silo's.
    Six small footprint, light weight: Taisho silo height diameter may be selected within a great range, steel silo spacing as small as 50 centimeters, can make full use of space. Spiral curling steel silo with a weight of only 1/6 of the volume of concrete warehouse, the same as the same volume of reinforced concrete warehouse weight, can greatly reduce the load and Jiancang infrastructure costs.
    The above content is steel silo with cement silo contrast which is good, Tai'an Shelley storage silo Machinery Co., Ltd. engaged in professional production, products include: flat steel silo, steel silo cone bottom and ancillary equipment. Our products are widely used to store grain, such as wheat, sorghum, rice, etc., and can be designed and produced irregular silo products according to special requirements of customers.

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