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which points of the dedusting system should be noted?
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1. The library is responsible for cleaning the cement plant, shipping department, open economy companies electromechanical work area.

1. The library is responsible for cleaning the cement plant, shipping department, open economy companies electromechanical work area. Cement plant responsible for the library roof closed libraries and put the ash in control, the next shipment is responsible for cleaning the library, open work area economy electromechanical company responsible for cleaning and processing library library roof leaks.
2. The construction workers enter the scene, must be dressed according to the provisions of PPE, before entering the construction site. Labor supplies, seat belts, safety rope, the construction unit must be checked by the head of security confirmed before use correctly.
3. Construction unit should carefully check the site before construction safety case, first ascertain the amount of ash deposit within the library. The side door is open, send experienced personnel to check the amount of ash and wall situation; check for leaks library.
4. During cement plant must clear the reservoir into the gray ash library closed to prevent leakage of ash to the library.
5. library lighting 12v safe running lights, not allowed to have damaged cables and connectors, removable by the person responsible electrician, and by the head of security checks before using confirmation.
6. clean up the library wall, it should be from top to bottom cleaning. According to the site to clear the reservoir choosing the right tools to work, you can not use sharp tools to clean the reservoir bottom, to prevent damage to the reservoir bottom plenum boxes.
7. processing library roof leaks, Spider-Man to the Department of dual seat belt (rope), a lift from Spider-Man role, plays a security role, two safety rope before use by the person in charge of the construction unit safety inspection only after confirmation use. Spider-Man before construction, the belt line (rope) must be the person in charge of construction site safety checks can be carried out to confirm the safety of construction and reliable system.
8. Open the library door side of the waist, the first observation of the security situation around the library, help to hit top ask whether there is loose cement blocks or cement wall, and then use the duct, and other tools to clean up. After confirming that affect the ability to work into the library. They have to stay outside the library rope guardianship, the guardian should always observe the dynamic library construction workers discovered a timely reminder of the adverse situation, the library staff to pull out in time.
9. The upper part clean up after completion of the withdrawal of the library staff, cleared debris, shipping unit to promptly put the ash from the port for dredge, and control the flow of ash discharge, pay attention to the flow of ash, people stand at the specified location, and do a good job around the protective measures, a large number of gray when selecting the evacuation route out of personnel. Under spout ash put out, it should promptly pulled out of debris flow valve.
10. After the entire reservoir area cleared, and the site should clean the reservoir bottom, shipping unit to be sent to the plenum boxes checked and processed.
11. During the construction, the construction units have leadership always attendant stare scene, encountered other problems in a timely manner during the workshop and the control and shipment of cement head consultation process.
12. The construction workers must put safety first, to carefully add with caution, obey the site command staff scheduling, are not allowed at the site frolicking.
13. debris or tools used aerial work cleaning up the construction process must be manually moving up and down, up and down are not allowed to throw.


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