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What's advantage of the grain steel silo, compared with the concrete silo?
Come From:Taian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd.Release Time:2015-9-29 20:43:37 Views:
Construction feature: the former construction complexity, low level of mechanization, slow, highly subject to certain restrictions, small-capacity,high requirements for foundation

    Construction feature: the former construction complexity, low level of mechanization, slow, highly subject to certain restrictions, small-capacity, high requirements for foundation; the latter equipment construction professional, simple operation, high-tech, fully automated, fast and time is short, as The former 1 / 4-1 / 3, the height can reach more than 50m, large capacity, small footprint, low demand for base.
    Application Features: former storage than a single variety of materials, application limitations large, management and use of difficulties and can not transform and demolition; the latter can store powdered, liquid, granular and other storage extensive, easy to implement scientific granary management system , automation, rationalization, can be transformed.
    Storage performance: the former seal, waterproof performance is poor, moisture absorption large, easy leakage, poor moisture resistance; silo airtight, leak-proof, moisture-proof performance, high mechanization, automation, supporting equipment, process more rational, operation Convenience.
    Security: former construction complex, heavy workload, low level of mechanization operation, poor security; the latter, all mechanized operations, the construction of high technology content, safer, better explosion.
    Benefits Features: former high cost, high total investment, operating costs are relatively high, the library is low, usually around 70%, long-term use, is likely to cause the accumulation of library materials; the latter, short construction period, the provincial labor, low cost , low operating costs, the library is high, reaching more than 90 percent, bank material is not easy to accumulate, do not clear the reservoir.
Trends: silo because of its superiority characteristic, will gradually replace the reinforced concrete silos, it has been widely applied to China and individual countries.


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