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Four reasons of the belt conveyor slip, and correct solutions
Come From:Taian Shelley Engineering Co., Ltd.Release Time:2015-10-5 8:38:22 Views:
Conveyor belt slipping four reasons: 1, when the conveyor belt starts, initial tension is too small

Conveyor belt slipping four reasons:
    1, when the conveyor belt starts, initial tension is too small
    When the belt conveyor start early enough tension, causing skid conveyor belt conveyor, the need to increase initial tension, adjusting tensioning device.
    2, the conveyor belt overloaded, resulting in slip
    Belt conveyor overload operation, will lead to belt conveyor belt slippage, but in this case the slip on the belt conveyor motors have a protective effect.
    3, friction is not enough
    Belt conveyor is to achieve the material conveyed by friction belt conveyor belt conveyor drive roller and the conveyor belt between the conveyor belt if the turning friction between the two is too small slip will occur, so as not to be able to Normal delivery. You need to use some of rosin blown blast device to belt conveyor rollers on the machine at the end, to increase friction.
    4, the conveyor belt moving parts aging or damaged
    Belt conveyors moving parts aging or damaged, causing difficult to turn belt conveyor belt slipping. The need to replace and repair aging conveyor belt, damaged parts, usually to strengthen the belt conveyor maintenance and repair.
    Conveyor belt slippage approach:
    1, first, to prevent the conveyor belt slipping, we should strengthen the management and maintenance of the conveyor for the conveyor to do cleaning work, avoid falls between the drum and the conveyor belt of impurities, such as found in conveyor failure to timely appear slipping stop processing.
    2, the conveyor belt on skid protection device installed, when the conveyor belt tension does not meet the work requirements appear, it is possible to take the necessary measures in a timely manner, is prohibited in the process of running directly by hand to adjust. If found wandering the emergence of the conveyor belt is running, should promptly stop adjustment.
    3, in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the device should be transported in the cargo load range runs to avoid overloading start belt slip faults occur.
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