This is a hopper bottom steel silo project for a livestock farm in Hebei province.2 sets 500T corn storage silos and 1 set 100T bean pulp storage silo.
There is a flange connection at bottom of 100T bean pulp’s silo,in order to connect with four axis screw conveyor.
And we designed 70°corner cone bottom silo for bean pulp,to make sure bean pulp goes out smoothly.

2x500T galvanized grain silo specification in this system
Eave height:16.203m
Total height:18.113m
Hopper bottom silo rings:10 rings
Silo bottom angle:45°
Zinc coated:275g/m2

100T galvanized grain silo specification in this system
Silo model:TCZK04505
Eave height:10.48m
Total height:11.58m
Zinc coated:275g/m2

Hopper bottom silos (also called cone bottom silos, hopper bottom storage bins, hopper bins) are the steel silos with a cone bottom. Hopper bottom silos are erected on the supporting structure to make the delicate products unloading easily through gravity. Hopper silos have a smooth wall hopper transition with no steps or flanges to offer the cleanest product discharge from the silo. The stored products inside the silo are isolated from the ground, thereby preventing humidity and allowing the interconnection of silos through tapes, facilitating perfect extraction or dosage.