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500ton Corn Storage Grain Steel Silo System
Release Time:2015-11-21 16:21:13
Brand:Shelley Engineering
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Corn Storage Grain Steel Silo System is widely used in poultry farm, rice mill, flour mill, soybean-oil mill, animal feed mill plant,brewery plant and so on; Steel Silo System is used to store grain(such as bulk wheat, corn, rice, paddy, sorghum, soya etc.), animal feed, cereal seeds, plastic pellet, wooden pellet etc.. 

We have assembly hopper bottom grain steel silo system with storage capacity of 10—1500tons for grain, made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and can be used 25~35 years.  TSE Grain steel silo system have passed BV&ISO  certification.


The picture below is tse new 500ton corn storage grain steel silo system in Kazakhstan, including 2 sets of 400ton  hopper bottom corn storage grain steel silo.


For this 500ton hopper bottom corn storage grain steel silo, TSE supply  turnkey project, including the wholesilo system designing, manufacturing, shipment, installation, test running and after-sale service.


Complete Corn Storage Silo System Introduction


The 1st step of making one storage grain steel silo system is to make a correct design plan;

TSE has the designing engineer specialize working for oversea sales; 

The 3D drawing is avlible for steel silo system before signning the contract for free;


Remarks: The operation procedures of the corn storage steel silo is 

step 1. The trucks take the corn to the silo site, there is the reception dumping intake to receive the corn ;

step 2. The elevator lift the corn to the top of the grain steel silo from the reception;

step 3. Loading the corn into the steel silo system by the drag conveyor which put on top of corn storage silo system.

step 4. Store the corn in grain storage silo for some days , waiting for the production.

step 5. Unloading; Open the outlet gate, the corn will flow out automatically from the corn grain storage silo;

step 6. Using the drag conveyor under the corn grain storage silo,transport the corn to the milling plant ;

step 7(optional): Using the drag conveyor to transport the corn back to the elevator 

step 8( optional): Elevator will lift the corn to the top again and re-load into the corn grain storage silo for recycling;

Step 9(Optional); Elevator will lift the corn to the top and load into the trucks for sell;


The flow chart of the corn grain storage steel silo is very flexiable,which can help the user to meet with different needs; 






TSE use the Chinese national standard to produce the grain storage steel silo system; 

Austrilian standard is also very popular in TSE. 


Packaging & Shipping

TSE has more than 10 years oversea steel silo project experience, very good at loading containers. 




TSE has the installation team for oversea   corn storage grain steel silo system;

TSE will do the installation supervisionfor grain steel silo professionally;

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