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Great value 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo
Release Time:2015-12-10 15:43:21
Brand:Shelley Engineering
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Great value 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo


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TSE provides assembly steel silos with bin capacity of 10-15000tons in such different discharge forms as flat bottom, cone bottom, fluidized discharging, multi-outlet discharging, and undertake turnkey project starting from process and civil work design, auto-control system as well as manufacture, installation, commissing of the associated equipment for lifting, cleaning, magnetic separating, metering, drying, fumigating, cold storing, ventilation, dust collecting, temperature and moisture measuring up to personal training and so on.

Application of 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo

Our steel is hot galvanized, which makes it durable and weather resistant. It is specially used for bulk grain storage, such as wheat, maize, sorghum, barley and so on. The silo product has a designed lifetime of 30-50 years. Corrugated galvanized corn storage silo are widely used in feed mill plant, port grain storage facilities, alcohol processing plant and etc.

3D drawing of 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo

Advantages of flat bottom silo


1. Lower investment than hopper bottom silo.

2. Large volume storage capacity.

3. Easy-constructed silo foundation.

Manufacture of 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo




Packing and Shipping of 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo


Silo Installation

 Installation of 3000t galvanized mental cereal wheat silo






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